Focus and Fire are your two best friends.

 THIS is where you get them BOTH.
Kiss lack of action bye for good. Kiss doubt and fear long and hard, because they no longer serve you and it’s time you own that.

Open wide for a business that you live and breathe as an extension of you, rather than a part of you, you hide from. 

Fire of the Diamond.
 The fire within the diamond who KNOWS what she wants and who works to make it happen.

With unfuckingrelenting determination, she refuses to let her dreams die.

But making them reality? Needs to happen a little faster.
This is a call for every one of you who:
• Stayed up at night, wondering what you could do next to wow the world
• Struggled to put success on repeat
• Battle the I-sound-like-everyone-else-itis crap that puts your readers to sleep, instead of clicking the Book Now button
• Need guidance from women who have done what you want to do in business and in life
• Doubt your prowess at times and need a swift kick in the ass to see your true value
I'm Tania Dakka
Copywriter and Creative Strategist. I contribute copy to a $61M brand. I write copy for powerhouse coaches, small businesses, and franchises, alike. I’m a former co-host for 100Proof: The Badass Radio Show with Jason Falls, former contributor to Chris Brogan’s Owner Mag, founder of the Garage Party, and author of The Art of Sass. I’m the co-founder and Vice President of a brick and mortar business, NAAR Hookah Cafe in Myrtle Beach, SC, and since opening our doors, we’ve not seen one month in the negative, and have experienced consistent growth to reach number 16 out of 51 on Trip Advisor). I’ve been published in the 2015 Writer’s Market and have been mentioned in Jared Easley’s Best-Selling book, “Stop Chasing Influencers”.  

There’s one thing I know: Winning.

Growth is guaranteed when you show up. And showing up isn’t as hard as you think it is. But sometimes you need your ass kicked to make it happen. ;) 

What The Diamonds Are Saying:

"Since becoming a Diamond I've learned what I'm really made of. Not that magically my business is at six figures but I can see how that can happen now. Planning ☺ organization, how to schedule posts and blogs, what it means to launch a program. How to use what I do and make it shine. Yea all that and more. Is what I've gotten. I no longer feel lost or confused. I have direction. I feel supported. Even on the days when things feel so bleak. Being a diamond has made me realize more than anything. That I can do this and I have support when I need it. Thank you Tania. ❤ with all my heart thank you."
- Tracey McFadden,
Join Fire of the Diamond and master how I've:              
• Created programs people come running to buy like the Champagne Launch and the Diamond Evolution
• Expanded my client base so I consistently have a revolving door of ongoing projects 
• Exploded my email list and social platforms with people who need my programs and who are excited to buy  
• Increased my authority, so when it comes to buying, people have ZERO doubt and are excited about the results they know they’ll get 
• Took a top position in my industry by making the right connections (one interview I had with a top social media influencer literally changed my business) and how you can meet the right people, too 
• Branded like the big boys (think Fireball, Knob Creek, and Nike) so your audience associates you with results (Yep! Got this one covered, too! I’ll show you how Danielle and I did this!)
• Launched like a Queen, not a joker, getting one of the most important commodities on the Internet: Attention
• Honed my craft so there’s NO room for doubt in their minds about WHO to come to for edge and money-making words
• Created content they need AND WANT to read (and share!), giving me more of their time and attention
• Showed up, sass and all, creating a love/love relationship so they adore me and everything I stand for because, chica, this is what I live and breathe and this is where your true FIRE is ignited and ignites THEM

You’ll get access to Danielle Magestro, the Director of Operations I've been working with for a few years, who has catapulted my shiz skyward.

She’s worked with massive A-Listers behind the scenes and knows industry secrets only bossbabes who've been in the biz as long as she has knows.

Danielle is a master of IT, Facebook ads, and business strategies that are steeped in success.

And she’s our group expert in Fire of the Diamond. 

Without these steps in place? You’re back to feverishly treading water, wondering where your success is and why it's taking you so long to get there. 

You. Are. A. Diamond. This is all for you.
What The Diamonds Are Saying:

I'm a firm believer that it takes a community to raise a business, and if you join no other community at all (though you really should) then this is the one to apply for. A wonderful collection of action-takers and supportive people all brought together by Tania & Dani to create diamond businesses alight with fire. The advice I have received since joining is priceless. I love being a diamond!"
- Sharon Jackson,

What else you get when you subscribe:

 • Tight copy you tweak from copy reviews on your site, landing pages, social copy, emails, headlines, subject lines, and more because the words you use HAVE to keep their attention, if you want this to work
 • Cocktail Party Hours disguised as group strategy sessions each month to make sure you put your train on the fast track
Secret insider tips to making magic happen in your business, staying focused, and cutting diamonds from coal 
Access to the Fire of the Diamond Society Facebook group to collab with other Diamonds carving out their success, daily to-dos, and powerful inspiration to make sure you’re getting it done  
Happy Hours with me to keep you pushing through even the toughest shit
Accountability for content creation so your ebooks finally get fucking published, your blog posts are rolling out on time, your social numbers grow, and your profits?Well, I’ve tripled mine, and am not stopping
Access to FDS only information that you don’t find on the blog or in the general emails to the Badass’D list
The fight to be great ends here.
Claim your title. Claim your place among the women who share your drive, your fire to melt hearts, your need to change the world. 

Hang with women (hey, and even some dudes!) who know they need the next step to make shit happen, balls-to-the-wall, for their business. Learn to create the things your tribe WANTS to buy. And make your life and your business exactly what you fucking want them to be.

We are Diamonds. We hustle. We flow. We imagine our lives. Then we make them happen. It’s not about having all the answers, it’s about having a sisterhood of women you can rely on to help you dig them out, FAST.

It’s about having the resources you need to jump light years over the competition, to stand above the noise, to slice your way through your learning curve.

This isn’t a play place. This isn’t for people who want to talk. If you want to be a certifiable Diamond, you have to be ready to lay the plans and get them done. ZERO GODDAMN EXCUSES ALLOWED.

You say you want $224,000 a year in sales? Then you come in, we lay the strategy together. And you work the FUCK out of it.

Because that’s what Diamonds do.

You want a Diamond by your side who has experienced the keys to consistent and powerful profits, who knows how to make connections, who knows what it takes to show the fuck up - with kids in tow and and an attitude to boot, who knows how to create emotions that sell.

You want to be a part of us. 
The Fire of the Diamond Society. Welcome to the ride of your life.

PS Back on New Year’s 2016, I envisioned this as a true society of powerful women, armed and taking over their worlds. And I have no idea why, but I honestly see celebrating a year of mountainous profits on a boat. In swanky fucking dresses, drinking $2K bottles of champagne in 2017. I say we make this happen. You in??

Make it rain, Diamonds.

The fine print: This is not for wishful thinkers, dreamers who are afraid to take action, or people who like to point fingers at their situations. Joining is by application only. If you choose to leave, you’re free to go, you won’t be charged for another month. Payment is via Paypal and we’ll send you an invoice each month, no auto-draft shiz. Any questions? Hit me No contracts, no refunds, and you can cancel future billing at any time (but if you leave us, you'll miss us and the excuse to day drink!)

Cost: $49/Month 
Apply Now